Welcome screenreaders! We make greeting cards in Sydney, Australia. If you live anywhere in Australia we can make you cards that feel and smell terrific. If you live elsewhere send us email (replace the at & dot) and we will help you find an accessible cardmaker closer to your home.

The aim of a custom card is to send a message that appeals to as many of the senses as possible. So our cards have silky tassels and raised bits of embossing and interesting textured paper or fiber and sometimes even objects molded out of clay. (Often we use air-dried paper clay, so the cards are light enough to mail cheaply.) Our standard range is not scented (because some people are allergic to scent) but we would be happy to add scent to any card. If you plan to send a card to someone who reads with his or her fingers, or if you read that way yourself and want to feel the card before you send it, let us make one especially for you in which all the words and designs are raised up with embossing products. Then you can add anything else you like from our list of favourite materials.

If you are in Sydney you are welcome to visit our workshop by appointment and leave with a finished card. Or alternatively, for fourteen Australian dollars we will make and send you a sample page with a bit of each of the special materials we use, and then you can get back to us with your choice of materials. To start the ordering process, please send us email (replace the at & dot) and let us know a way we can call or write you back. You can find much of this same information on our start and contact pages, or read about friends who have inspired and taught us. The rest of our pages are image galleries only.

Thank you for visiting!

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