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Send us an email (replace the at & dot) with the name or description of the card you'd like to buy, or your ideas for a custom card. Include the way you'd like us to reply, by email or phone. For multiple or special orders Sydneysiders are invited to visit our studio in the inner west by appointment.

Prices depend on the materials used and royalties payable per card. If a card is already listed on Australian eBay we will conclude the sale there; otherwise, our price list will be sent in response to your query. All prices include GST. Payment may be made through paypal, credit cards, bank transfer, cheque or cash. If you prefer the security of an eBay transaction we can arrange to list your custom card as a Buy It Now item at a prearranged time.

We also sell cards at craft and doll shows and various markets, and if we have sufficient advance notice we will post those schedules here.

We also run card-making classes from our Ashfield studio. Details are posted on the website or please email us for more information on upcoming classes.

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